Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weighing in....Not letting it get you down

So, like I said I decided to post twice today.

After the weigh in this morning that left me feeling a little discouraged, I decided I just had to make sure that there weren't any "extras" that I was forgetting along the way. Those Bites, Licks and Tastes that the WW leaders are always telling you about. "If you bite it, write it!"

Today, I made better choices on food, didn't snack on so many carbohydrates and managed to be very full and satisfied....and STILL had my ice cream at the end of the night...and a brownie. :)

Breakfast was Greek yogurt. (I had the store brand)
A "Cutie" tangerine
A cup of my favorite coffee all the way from California (because my sister loves me and sent it to me for Christmas this year...again) with a serving of my favorite creamer. :)

So 4 point from Breakfast isn't bad

Decided that I needed a snack so I had another tangerine mid morning for 0 points and a bottle of water.

Lunch wasn't too bad either. I had a WW frozen was Pasta with Ricotta and spinach (7 points)
and a cup of coffee with my favorite creamer again (1 point for the Creamer BTW...just make sure you MEASURE the serving and that you are truly having only ONE)

8 points for lunch....doing good.

I had some housework to do, so I managed to do 2 loads of laundry,  and some basic cleaning around the house. Now, WW allows for this to be counted as "exercise"....but I decided not to count it today.

I needed a snack again when the kids got home from school so I popped a bag of popcorn. The whole bag...yes all 3 cups of only 4 I counted all 4 points but only had 1 cup of it...just to hold me over while I made dinner and my daughter and her friend made brownies.

I DID have a brownie with the kids and I counted it....5 points for a serving.

Dinner, I had planned for a few days. I had this recipe that I got off my WW website that I use that is only 1 point. YES 1 point per 1-cup serving of this yummy hearty soup! But I decided to add some Kielbasa to that soup because, although I would be happy with just veggies (I used to eat Lacto-Ovo), everyone else in my house wouldn't be. I decided to add Crimini mushrooms to the recipe as well and to serve it with biscuits. :) I gotta have my carbs in there. lol

I had one bowl of soup for 3 points (because the kielbasa added points to it) and 2 biscuits (for 5 points) So dinner was VERY filling, I have TONS left over (I froze a single serving container for lunch tomorrow) and I only used 8 points for my dinner! :) Success!

Homework to finish after dinner...and I tend to snack during I had the rest of the popcorn that I popped earlier and had already counted, a cup of Chai Latte Tea for 2 points and 1/2 cup of Rainbow Sherbet for 2 points.

I used my points for the day...all 33 of them. But didn't go over my weekly.

Overall I feel pretty good about today. I'm full....I don't feel deprived...but I wish that I had fit in that walk I wanted to. :( Laziness gets the better of me. So maybe tomorrow I will be able to get that in there.

I could have let the ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) get the better of me and let myself snack away because "what's the point" right? But I made that decision not to. The only way to lose the weight, once and for all is to break the habits. I have a very self deprecating and self destructive pattern to me....I don't really know why I do, I guess we are all just our own worst critics. Normally I would just eat and eat and eat and try to make myself feel "better" about my failure on the scale with all the yummy goodies I make. But today, I decided not to. I can't say that I will succeed again tomorrow in the same areas, but I can congratulate myself on succeeding in it today. I did it the healthy way today...and I PLAN to do it the healthy way tomorrow.

I think that is all we really can do. Plan to do it right tomorrow. If we fail at doing it right, then we just pick back up on the next meal or snack and do it right. If we find at the end of the day that we were weak and didn't do it "right" then we just have to own that...and realize that consistency is our true flaw.

So at the end of today I can say....

I gained 2 pounds this week.
I am not giving up just because I gained 2 pounds this week.
I gained 2 pounds this week.
I'm not throwing away all the lessons learned this week because I gained 2 pounds this week.
I gained 2 pounds this week.
I'm going to allow that gain to fuel me to get through this next that hopefully I don't gain 2 pounds next week. :)

Remember....if  you bite it, write it. The weight is yours to lose or's going to happen one way or the other...but it should be on your terms.

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