Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Every day is a LESSON: Things aren't always what they seem.

So today I started my new class on campus. Music and Art Since 1940. Interesting class... I think I'm going to really enjoy it. So my day started pretty good. :)

I took my stomach medicine (I have ulcers and stuff) at 7 am and went back to bed after the kids left for school since I didn't have to be at school until 11am. So when I got up for the day to make my breakfast, I decided to start off with a banana and my other meds (various anti-inflammatory and such for my Stenosis and Spondylothesis in my back that has been flared up). I can't take the meds on an empty stomach so I have to start with food. Breakfast was then 4 egg whites scrambled with 1 whole egg.

I will give you  a very brief and basic explanation of how my "program" works. I use the Weight Watcher's program. It is the most healthy way that I know to lose weight and to lose it long term. It is a lifestyle change. Foods carry a point value. Fresh fruits (canned in their own juice as well...but you can't drink the juice) are 0 points. Fresh veggies, frozen or canned (not in salt) are also 0 points. So these are foods I try to snack on as much as possible....but I am a carbohydrate junkie. So this is a habit I have to work on breaking...the carbs not the fruit and veggies.

So breakfast was 3 points. :) Doing good so far.

It was a little chilly this morning (around 20 degrees when I left the house) so i decided to head to Starbucks (we just don't have my beloved Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Ohio). Starbucks can be dangerous...if you don't know what to order...very easy to drink yourself through ALL your daily points in one beverage.....or at least halfway through them! So I decided on a Venti Skinny (non-fat) Sugar Free Vanilla Chai Latte. Sounds like a great option right? It is tea, with fat free milk and sugar free flavor. But the VENTI is 7 points. BOO.....but I drank it and counted it later.

Lesson ONE learned today..... Check the points for the SIZE you ordered before you actually ORDER it. :(

I went to the store on my way home from school, to get some stuff for the week...and didn't have time to eat since I had to take Ethan (my 12 year old) to his Dr appointment. So I decided to not grab a snack of any kind on my way back out the door.

Lesson TWO learned today....TOOOOOOO long to wait to eat something...grab an apple, grab a banana, even a handful of pretzels...just make sure it is a serving and you TRACK it.

So on the way home from the DR appointment I decided I needed to eat something for lunch (at 4:30pm) and stopped in for CONVENIENT FAST FOOD.....should be called FAT FOOD instead. Taco Bell it is then. I miss Del Taco in California.....but I guess if I had Del Taco I would eat my beloved Mexican Fat Food place and be even So I get some burritos and tacos for everyone.  I decide to eat a burrito....and I'm good with that...but do I stop there? NO. Why?!? BECAUSE I WAITED TOO LONG TO EAT LUNCH! And because I DIDN'T check the NEW points value for the I ate 2. One bean burrito USED to be 7 points....for a half pound burrito. But the burritos have gotten SO tiny. And yet, they are 9 points each! So the two I ate were then 18 points!

Lesson FOUR learned today.....nearly 8 hours is WAY too long to wait to eat.

So then it is dinner time and I am of course hungry. I refuse to deprive myself and indulge my weird need to be all or nothing and go to extremes and "punish" myself for my "mistakes". SO I make myself a WW frozen meal. :) It was 6 points and it was a Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables meal. Very yummy.

So, I went over my points....again....and dipped into the weekly points. But Tomorrow marks my new week, and weigh in day. Hopefully I will be off these meds soon for my back and I won't be retaining quite so much water and weigh in heavier tomorrow morning.....but if I have to strip down naked and weigh in in my kitchen I will do so. lol

Up or down, I will own my weight is what it is. The program works, I know it does. I just have to work the tools I have. I counted my points...regardless of if I went over.

Lesson FIVE learned today.... BE HONEST with myself in my tracker. Lying to myself is only going to keep me from achieving my goals.

Lesson SIX learned today....One bad choice doesn't have to beget another or ruin the whole day.

The moral of today....Things aren't always healthy just because they seem like they would be.


  1. Wow! Great post. This is so real and so common of what we do to ourselves. Thanks for the reality check.

  2. I find that I make better choices at places like Taco Bell (which I never go to) because they now have a fresca menu which is less points and still tasty...I always think of points like can't spend what you don't have...but we are so used to borrowing money like on a credit card we are numb to it...don't use points you don't have and the weight comes off faster...I only say used the borrowed ones at a once a week event because on your daily routine you will never be that starved because you planned ahead...I like the rachael ray idea of week in a day...she preps stuff on Sunday so it is ready for her to grab or prep quick

  3. I think of my points as "money" in away too....but what I tend to do is either "spend" so little all day long that I'm then fighting to eat even CLOSE to my minimum I'm "supposed" to have in a day that I just grab what I can to fill that need, or I eat and eat at night to meet the points because I basically starved myself all day. OR what I do, is I end up eating them all during the day and then have nothing left for end up going without. I like Rachel Ray's idea too. I'm trying to plan the week's meals (dinners anyway) on Sunday so that I can have Ben and the kids involved in our choices and then I shop for breakfasts, lunches and snacks around those dinner options so that I have choices. Some people can eat the same thing every day at certain meals and be happy with that. They know what to expect, it never changes. But I need options. Otherwise I get bored and then I get fed up and I just start feeling deprived. So my cookbooks and my WW eTools Recipes are my go to life line. :) You are right....we can't live in "debt" with our money or our points!

  4. Looks like you are learning lots of things at school. Not just Music and art. ;-) Good lessons for all of us.