Monday, January 9, 2012 really is all it's cracked up to be.

So today I decided to take it upon myself to encourage a few friends that I knew were taking on new challenges and changes for their lives in 2012...much like myself. One is getting back to "her" just like I am, though in a little different way and the other has taken on the task of quitting smoking and getting healthy overall. :) So proud of them both....and it dawned on me....we as a society just don't do that anymore. We get so wrapped up in ourselves and what is going on in our lives that we don't reach out to others. We don't encourage each other...friends, family or even strangers.

I left my Facebook status with a note this morning as I ran to my morning class (just a little behind schedule) to everyone out in Facebook land. Or at least in MY little corner of it. I suggested that we use our posts, our words, our actions and our attitude towards others in a positive way. Touch another person's life with a smile, a hello, open a door...SOMETHING other than the usual ignoring glance.

It is amazing what kind of good feeling you get from being a positive person. I'm generally "perpetually perky" sickening as that might be for some. Sure, I have my days...and moments of sorrow and depression (just read my first post...the Ugly Truth and you will see that I'm not all sunshine, rainbows and but over all, I CHOOSE every day to be happy.

That is right.....I CHOOSE to be happy. I choose not to complain or wallow in self pity for the difficult month it will be with bills because of an unforeseen emergency. I CHOOSE to just let it go and find another parking spot (even if it is all the way across the lot and my back is hurting so badly I can barely walk) because some jerk cut me off and took the one I was patiently waiting for. The truth is, it is EASY to get mad, to fume, to lash out, to give someone the finger and such.

But having that positive outlook on life, to MAKE a conscious effort to be happy and nice and giving every day really is all it is cracked up to be! I often say "What you give is all you deserve to get"...and it is very true I think. What you are willing to put out into the world, into friendships, relationships, encounters, your job etc...really is all you should expect to get back from others.

When we put out something positive, happy, kind and giving into the world or our relationships with others,  we feel good. It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling...and it just puts so much more goodness into the world.

You want to change the world for the better?!? You want to make positive change in your life? You want to "fix" the hate and negativity in the world we live in?!? Be a better, happier, nicer person! Really!

Positivity really is ALL it is cracked up to be!

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