Sunday, January 8, 2012

How can that be?!? When the measurements don't add up!

You ever have those moments where you look at a serving size and say, "um REALLY?"
Well that was my lunch. I LOVE my 98% fat free turkey chili....the can says that a serving size is 1 cup. Awesome! The can also says that there are 2 servings per can. So I heat up my chili and I'm all ready for it....and like a "good girl" I get out my 1 cup  measure and the WHOLE CAN fits into the 1 cup measure!How can that be? So I take it out of the measuring cup and I RE-Measure.....and it all fits into the one cup! So this "2 Serving Can" of chili, measured 1 serving!?! So it just seems impossible..... 1 cup in the whole can?!?

Well I ate the whole can....but I'm still unsure of how to honestly count it! According to my WW points calculator, 1 (1Cup) serving of  this Turkey Chili with Beans is 5 points....BUT when I measured out what is 1 serving it took the whole can! If I had 2 servings then it would be 10 points.....but I only had a cup of it....which would be 5 points. :( So my dilema begins.

I also measured out 1/4 cup of reduced fat shredded cheese and put that on top (2 points) I either had 7 points for lunch or I had 12. :(

So here was my yummy lunch....either 7 or 12 points.... I'm still debating on what I should ACTUALLY count it as.

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  1. Hum, that is rather disconcerting. I think Hormel, or whoever make that chili, needs to get a customer complaint. If the can says one serving is a cup and there are two servings in a can, but, there is actually only one serving in a can, that is false packaging. Where is David Horowitcz when you need him?