Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working out....again

I did it! I got back on a workout schedule today. Because of my back surgery just 7 months ago, I still have to take it kind of easy. My muscles are not what they were before surgery and they certainly are not what they were when I was a gymnast and figure skater.

I'm giving myself a year to get to my goal. I'm not looking to be a "twig" or to be "skinny", that isn't my body structure. I'm curvy and strong by nature, but very petite in the bone frame. Yes, I grew with my back surgery so I can honestly say I'm 5'2" but my bones are much too small to carry the weight I've been carrying for so many years now. (I'm "fun sized" or "pocket sized" as my husband says.)

So here is to accountability....

30 minutes on my stationary recumbent bike
4 sets of 10 squats each
5 sets of  20 crunches each
4 sets of 5 push ups each
4 sets of 10 pelvic lifts each
30 minutes on my stationary recumbent bike

It isn't much.....and it is NOWHERE close to the activity levels I have done in my past. Nor is it anywhere close to where I want and need to be. It is a START though, and pretty impressive when I remind myself from where I started at the end of last year.


No matter how slow you go, it's farther than sitting on the couch.

Make progress not excuses.

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