Friday, November 1, 2013

A size 6 is plus sized?!?

Apparently even in High school when I would get a little "chunky" and go up to a size 6 from my usual 3/5 I was "fat". No wonder women are constantly feeling like they are fat and inadequate. I might never be "thin" by the industry standards, I might not ever be "normal" by industry standards, but I CAN be healthy and happy. Women are so competitive, and they (in general, though not all are like this) tend to put others down because they are insecure about their own appearance. Now it is true, that most of us have things about our bodies we would like to change. I have had many health issues that have caused weight gain. I have had two children and therefore I have stretch marks. I am 35 years old and I no longer look like I'm 19. My boobs sag (unless I get a reduction they will never be "perky" again...they just don't do that perky thing at my bra size), my thighs jiggle, and I have a thicker waist than I used to. What gets me is that the industry has decided that "fat" is a size 6 US for models, when the average size of a woman in the US is a size 14. I'm short, I'm just barely under 5'2", a size 14 on me doesn't look like a size 14 on a woman who is 5'10". I don't have long legs, I don't have a long torso....I'm short and I am an hourglass shape. My husband loves me just as I am, and finds me why can't I agree with him?!? Like most women I have been brainwashed into believing that I'm LESS attractive because I don't look like the models in magazines or on TV...even the plus sized ones (partially because they are a size 10 and considered plus sized and partially because they are nearly a foot taller than I am and pear shaped...which is the most visually appealing shape apparently). I just think that we, as a society and as parents, need to encourage women and girls (and men as they too can deal with this twisted sense of self worth) to take care of their bodies and to embrace the shape they have been given. Some of us are busty no matter how much weight we lose, some of us are thick in our bottoms with shapely thighs and smaller tops, some of us have short thick legs and some of us seem to have no curves at all...none of which decides whether we are beautiful or not. If you are an ugly person inside, if you take advantage of others, if you belittle others, talk behind their backs, lie etc...that makes you ugly, not your appearance. OK....rant over.

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