Thursday, April 18, 2013

No "success" is still progress?!? : Plateaus, bloating and bathroom problems.

I have hit another annoying plateau. We all hit them. Some of us hang out around those weights or sizes and it seems no matter what we do we can't break past them. I'm there. Although I was able to get the scale to move past that horrible 205 mark, I can't get it to pass the 203 mark now. It is frustrating to say the least. It is the same with sizes. I'm stuck at that 14 and it won't budge.

How is this a success? Well for one I'm still working at it. And two I'm not gaining.

I will be totally honest (because that is the whole POINT of this blog right?) weight fluctuates GREATLY throughout the week...from day to day and from week to week based on nothing that makes any sense other than, my body is confused. I'm not building muscle or  anything like that so lets not get all carried away with the whole "muscle weighs more than fat" because a pound is a pound is a pound.....but a pound of muscle LOOKS better than a pound of fat does. My weight can be 203 one morning and then the next day it will say 206.....the next day it will say 207 and then it will say 203 again. I eat pretty much the same foods every day... I have to because of my dietary just makes it easier to have staples in the house that I CAN eat and that I don't have to try to figure out what to eat. The problem is my "irregularity" I am sure....AND I realized this week that I can't have barley in addition to the wheat. :-( Any time I have anything with wheat or barley I puff up. I get so bloated, so uncomfortable, my stomach is killing me, I get dizzy, migraines, itchy skin you name it....and the bathroom issue strikes too....I end up looking pregnant I am so bloated.

It turns out that I have more and more signs of Celiac's, the more research I do. It might be time for a new doctor for me, because the one I have seems to be dismissing me again. If you don't have diarrhea then you don't have Celiac's...and yet the #1 dismissed symptom is constipation....hmmmm. Drink more water they say, eat more veggies they say...Um, I don't eat bread or pasta so I eat veggies....and I drink 144-164 ounces of water every day. Try a laxative they say, those don't work on matter how many I take....which is a major indicator that the patient should be tested for Celiac's. sigh. Regardless of having the diagnosis or not...ever...I won't go back to eating gluten. I just feel so horrible when I eat it. It might not make me lose weight to be gluten free, but at least now my body can heal (it takes about a year for an adult to heal the villi) and I will get proper nutrition from the foods I eat. So that is another type of progress I'm making.

But, I'm still working at it. I'm not "trying" I AM losing weight. It is slowly and often seems like there is no progress at all.....but even when I don't have a success on the scale, or in dropping a size, I'm still making progress because it is another day that I have made GOOD choices.

No scale loss or size shrinking or better fitting clothes does not mean  you are not making progress or having any success. Sometimes the success if found in that you are not giving up....and this week that is my success.

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