Sunday, March 25, 2012

A dose of reality....

So I had my appointment with my Spine Doctor last week and the news was a bit worse than expected. :( It turns out that the herniated discs I have are more than just bulging and 2 are basically "gone" as he put it. The arthritis just makes it worse and surgery is unavoidable. (sigh) He let me know that the weight has GOT to come off. Basically, if I don't take off at least 110 pounds, my life as I know it is over.

BIG dose of reality for me. It isn't just about looking better or feeling better in my own skin anymore. My way of life, the things I enjoy, my health...depends on this. So, time to get serious, no more excuses and to buckle down. I love life more than food.

I have started tracking my steps every day (I have an app on my phone that is free) and we have joined our local rec center with an indoor pool so I can swim laps like my Dr said. :) No more soda pop, no (or very rarely) fried foods, more fruits and vegetables, lots more exercise. I can do this... I can complete a half marathon this fall. :)

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