Sunday, February 12, 2012

Picking up the Pieces

Haven't felt much like blogging lately. Had a lot going on too...

Between school and working on my back and foot issues, mix in the kids and their schedules as well as the husband's and I'm on busy lady. lol that being said, I'm back.

Just about through the quarter for school....getting ready to start physical therapy for my back soon and all geared up for some fun classes for the spring quarter. :)

I'm really excited to take a film photography class in the Spring with my wonderful hubby. We always like getting to take a class or two together and this quarter we will get to take two of them. :)

The "progress" is not going so well in the weight loss department, though I did lose 5 pounds last week. And I am just one step closer to being able to train for that half marathon. :)

We had a death in my family yesterday, and I will have to head home to California to be with my family in this difficult time. That being said, I might not be on here much in the next 2 weeks as I prepare for the cross country drive and the time with my family. I'm trying not to let it get the better of me. When I get depressed I either eat everything in sight (usually carbs...big no no) or I just kinda don't feel like eating. :(

I am an emotional eater. I eat when I'm happy, sad, lonely, celebrating etc. So far I am doing pretty good with not eating my emotions and instead I'm voicing them and standing my ground so I internalize less. But this is a hard time for my family as we say goodbye and I am trying to be strong for my kids. It is just hard because in order to hide some of what I'm feeling I would normally eat. So instead I'm singing and just trying to distract myself.

I think that is kinda my big lesson for the week. Just allowing something else to fill and process the emotions instead of food. I should sing when I'm celebrating instead of eating....but I'm thinking people might look at me funny. lol

Have a great week people....keep your chin up...don't eat the feelings, share them with someone else, grieve, celebrate....just let it out. One way or another. :)

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